Education Services

We offer the systematic way of counselling to our students when they visit our offices. Firstly we, inquire those perspective students about their countries of preference and course they want to pursue. Also, we talk with their parents or any other eligible sponsors regarding their financial status. After that we assess their financial background and we look genuinely at bank statement, , source of income and property valuation of them . Those students who meet the all requirements of English, academics and financial criteria are considered for admission in the education providers.

Our Services

We provide a free consultation to existing and future student for their studies plan.

We will help in preparing application and enrollment to your preferred universities and colleges.

Once the visa application is approved we can make travel arrangement upon student request.

We can arrange for free airport pickup if requested by the student coming to Australia for the first time.

We help to arrange temporary accommodation at a reasonable cost.

We also provide assistance on general awareness about the city where the student commence their studies.