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Extend Your Stay In Australia

On completion of studies

If you have recently finished your studies and wish to remain in Australia there are range of different options available to student visa holders. You might choose to do one of the following:

Further Studies

You may want to complete further studies in bachelor or master degree program to gain more advanced skill and qualification that will assist you to gain employment in future. This can be done by lodging for a new visa Student Visa before the current visa expires. However please consider to apply for the chosen course by the deadline as prescribed by the relevant universities.

Professional Year Program

If you have graduated in Engineering, Accounting and Computer science you are able to enroll into Professional Year Program. It’s a 12 month’s course and will help you to gain five points to claim for the skilled migrant visa point test.

Skill Development

International students interested to gain local work experience, improve English language skills can apply for Temporary Graduate Visa that allows you to remain in Australia for up to 18 months. Under Post-Study Work stream visa can be granted for up to four years depending on the visa applicant’s qualification.

Apply for Permanent residency

If you wish to live in Australia on permanent basis you may be interested for the Permanent visa. You have to submit the Expression of Interest and upon invite from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection visa application have to be submitted. There are lots of different visa options available under General Skilled Migration. However interested student should get the skill assessed by the relevant authorities and complete the point test to be eligible to apply under this category.