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Reunite With Your Parents

If you are an Australia citizen or Permanent resident and wish to migrate your parents in Australia there are different visa options available for parents living overseas.

Parent Visa

This is a permanent visa that let parents migrate to Australia permanently. However, they must be sponsored by a child who is a settled Australia citizen or Permanent resident. Parents must meet the health and character requirements and have an eligible sponsor. Atleast half of the children should live permanently in Australia to pass the Balance-of-family test requirement. If child sponsor is less than 18 years, child’s spouse, close family relative or guardian of child or child spouse relatives or community organization are able to sponsor. This visa is less expensive but have a very long waiting period.

Contributory Parent Visa

This visa has higher processing priority, more visa places available and have faster processing as compared to Parent category visa. This a two-stage process visa where applicant can initially apply for temporary visa option and once granted can apply for the corresponding permanent visa option during the two-year validity period of temporary visa. Applicant can choose to apply directly for permanent visa or go through two-stage process. Parent must be sponsored by the child or another eligible sponsor in Australia. This is an expensive visa with significant higher second installment of visa application charge for both temporary and permanent visa.

Aged Parent

This visa is for elderly parent who must be at the age eligible for an Age pension in Australia. Applicant must meet the health and character requirements. Visa application can be lodged onshore if there is no restriction on existing onshore visa. Eligible sponsor must provide Assurance of Support.


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